Author: Neha Parnami

Are you Ready to file your Return this Quarter?

As the due dates of TDS/TCS filing is fast approaching let’s discuss the filing procedure for all those who are new to the business or are recently joined executives. For all those people, who are running a small business or a startup; Jan 15 is the due date to file the quarterly TDS. What is

Index Fund

A fund that tries to mirror the performance of an index by investing in securities making up that index. (note: it is not possible for investors to actually invest in the actual index, such as the BSE 30). This is a passive management style which normally results in lower management fees.

Generate Graphical PAN Verification Report

As the last date of filing the TDS/TCS is fast approaching have you updated your Tds filing software. We at KDK, have introduced a a very essential feature in the software to makes lives of the deductor so much easier. As per the laws, all corporate and government deductors / collectors are mandatorily required to

Things to Do for your Business

We are in that time of the year; where the businessmen and entrepreneurs are giving time to discussing the lists & things to do for the year long. The beginning of the New Year will mark a fresh start and new assignments for your organization. As we are in the first month of the year,


A Fully Convertible Non-Rupee account that can be opened for funds coming in from abroad or from local funds. The funds in the account are held in a foreign currency.

Wishing Everyone a Very Happy New Year!

“Let this New Year be the one, where all your dreams come true, so with a joyful heart, put a start to this year anew.” We at Intuit-KDK, wish all our clients, customers, readers and their families a very Happy & Prosperous New Year. May this year brings you happiness, Joy and prosperity. We would

Steps to do it Right: Tax E-filing

From the year 2013 onwards, filing the Income Tax return has been made mandatory by the Government. All individuals having a taxable salary will now need to file ITR online and then send the duly signed acknowledgement to the Income Tax Department located in Bangalore. There are two important terms while filing an Income Tax

ITR Filing- Are you doing it Right?

Planning to file your own ITR this year? There are great chances that you will make mistakes while filing the returns which may cost you dearly afterwards. Most of these mistakes are caused due to sheer ignorance or lack of knowledge. While it is often said that Ignorance is Bliss, it might not apply in

Account Payable

Account Payable: a record of all short-term (less than 12 months) invoices, bills and other liabilities yet to be paid. Examples of accounts payable include invoices for goods or services, bills for utilities and tax payments due.