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Eway bill generation a never-ending task

As seen in the previous article, E-way bills are something that businesses in several sectors have to generate on a regular basis as part of their daily operations. And while the process is not that complicated, it does take around 8-10 minutes to generate an E-way bill in each instance. However, an active business may have to generate several E-way bills every day, which means a dedicated resource such as an accountant may have to spend few hours every day getting them generated. This is because the accountant has to toggle between two different applications, Tally ERP and NIC portal.

Again, if the data that has been entered in the Tally ERP while generating an invoice is wrong, then the mistakes will be highlighted when it is uploaded on the GST portal. Then, all the steps have to be repeated, which means wastage of time. However, if the E-way bill is being generated using the Express Way Bill software offered by KDK Softwares, any errors are pointed out at the invoice generation step itself. Thus, the accountant can correct any such errors at an earlier stage and prevent task repetition.

In addition, the Express Way Bill software also provides an option to automatically generate an E-way bill. As soon as the invoice is generated, the user immediately is asked the question ‘Do you want to generate an E-way bill?’. If the user clicks on ‘Yes’, the relevant data gets auto-populated in the E-way bill. Also, the E-way bill number automatically gets imprinted on the Invoice. Next, the user gets an option – ‘Do you want to send email or SMS?’. Depending on the choice made, the invoice and E-way bill get sent to the pre-selected recipient, who may be a transporter, buyer, or supplier. Thus, the entire process gets over within a matter of few seconds.

The ease of E-way bill generation also ensures that any real-life issues can be handled without too many hassles. For example, normally transportation vehicles leave for their destination in the evening. Now if the E-way bill is generated in the afternoon, and the vehicle which is supposed to have it does not leave in the evening, and if the E-way Bill is not cancelled, it would have to reflect in the GST Returns for the month. And then, an entirely different process would have to be followed to obtain refund of excess GST that is paid. However, with the GST Express software, the E-way bill can be generated on-the-spot whenever required. So, the need for cancellation does not arise. Also, in the event the cancellation is needed, you do not need the accountant to be present in office – you could do the calculation yourself using a phone.

Thus, E-way bill generation is a never-ending task; a business would have to generate several E-way bills on every day of its operation. The ‘Express GST’ software that we offer however will certainly ensure that the task does not cause too much of a distraction while conducting daily business.

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