Communicating Well with your Customers

Communicating Well with your Customers
Communicating Well with your Customers

Communicating effectively with the customer is a necessity to build a strong and successful business. Every Business runs by the way their customers treat them or give a feedback for them.

However, these days there are a lot of ways to communicate such as cold calling, emailing, texting, instant messaging etc.

A lot of ways are there to maximize the revenue or business by communicating effectively with the customers.

Active Listening: Communicating effectively starts with active listening. When you listen to the customer, it portrays that we are really concerned. Focus on what the customer has to say and then respond. Also, don’t stand idle while the customer is talking instead show interest through your body Language.

Use Layman Language: While talking and responding to the customer, always use layman language. It is not advised to use heavy and industry standard Jargons to the Customer. The language should be easy to understand.

Show Courtesy: It is highly advisable to use demonstrate courtesy to the customer. Use words like ‘Please’ and ‘Thank you’. For example: “Sir, can I please have your contact Details.”

Always Stay Positive: Be prepared to hear some very negative comments from the customer. But no matter what, don’t reply back in negative way. Always stay positive and when the customer asks for something you don’t know, it advisable t say “Sir, I will confirm and let you know” instead of “I don’t know about this”.

Preferred Channel of Communication: For running a successful customer oriented business, one needs to make sure he/she values the customers time. In the end, it is always important to ask the customer their preferred channel of communication whether it is email, call or messaging.

Lastly, intimate the customer when the problem is solved. It frustrates the hell out of them to know they could have started working earlier.

Just follow the steps for keeping your customers happy and satisfied.

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