Customer is a King – 4 Solid Ways to Delight Customers Today

Customer is a king and they should always keep firmly in your focus. “Did you know totally satisfied customers have a repurchase rate that is 3-10 times higher than that of a somehow satisfied customer. This indicates that once you start delighting your current customers they are more likely to stay connect with your business in the future and could invest or spend more money with you.

Delighting customers is all about to build solid relationships between business and customers rather than just sequence of meetings. So one should concentrate to catch up customer’s requirements in such a way that exceeds his/her expectations.


These day businesses are focusing their attention on how they can generate delight in their customers. Here are couple of ways to delight customer.

Be Punctual: In today’s business world speed matters a lot, showing up late to prospect can stress you out. When delay in response to customers occurs there is a risk to miss out huge opportunity to grab worthy words from customers side. Give your business a competitive edge and serve your customer better and faster than you can. Stay ahead!

Goodies to Give: Give your customers surprising give away when they don’t expect it. In today competitive arena everybody that uses services expects the amount of unexpected rewards or credits business will offer. Such step can make way to a customer’s heart and show them they care about them more than the bottom line.

Listen To Your Customers: Money can buy most of thing in world but cannot buy relationship so it is most important to listen customer to promote your business.

Words from customer about product help to develop an awesome product. The Lean Startup preaches that entrepreneurs need to develop products and test them with real customers in order to build something useful. The same goes with serving your customers and understand their needs. Listen to customer feedback religiously. To this day, I still read every piece of customer feedback sent to our company and I make an effort to share those insights across the company to ensure we are continuously building the right products and features. If you don’t have a “Feedback” link on your site that distributes customer feedback to your entire leadership team, add it.

Assign a Point of Contact to Customers: For business, giving a particular point of contact to customers is a good way to humanize the relationship. It is important for them to know that they have specific point of contact where they can come to with concerns or comments.

Remember, happier customers are always willing to spend more, refer more, and stay with your business longer!

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