Enhancing the Product Feature: Import data to Zen e-TDS

KDK Softwares Zen e-TDS software comes with the facility to import data from Quickbooks online. The feature helps in avoiding manual entry work and hence saves your time.

The new update in Zen e-TDS provides a feature for automatically exporting the data. A direct contact is made between Zen e-TDS & Quickbooks accounting software. The data is then exported from Quickbooks by this same direct link with e-TDS software. The exported data can be then converted into the required excel format and used in Zen e-tds software.

Why to choose Zen TDS?

  1. User Friendly: The interface is designed so as to keep it simple and apt for the users.
  2. Flexible and easy to use: Zen e-Tds provides great flexibility in terms of data. The data can be easily imported from the premium data sources like Quickbooks.
  3. Provides PAN Verification: As per the recent update, Zen e-TDS now provide a graphical PAN representation which helps in acknowledging the incorrect, invalid or missing PAN cards.

Zen e-TDS is software helps in filing TDS Returns. The basic features of Zen e-TDS are:

  1. Preparation and Validation of e TDS return file
  2. User can Generate Forms 24Q, 27EQ, 16, 16A, 16AA, 27A, 27B, 27D, ITR1 by giving Single Input (with correction statement)
  3. List of All India Bank Branches Codes Available
  4. Salary Calculation taking care of chapter VIA Deductions and Tax there on
  5. Facility to calculate amount of Monthly TDS to be deducted
  6. Text file / FVU file viewer
  7. Online TAN & PAN verification

Quickbooks online is a Simple online software for business owners to make informed decisions. It is cloud based software which allows it to be accessible from anywhere at any time. Quickbooks helps in organizing your finances at one place. It easily creates and manages invoices and is compatible to work on all your devices from computers to mobile phones.

Now, with Zen e-TDS users will be allowed to import there data from QuickBooks accounting software. As the data could now be imported in the particular format it saves a lot of time and increase the productivity.

Filing was never this easy; just import your already existing data from Intuit Quickbooks.

TDS filing made easy with Zen e-TDS, Call us now at +91-9314614930 for a free demo.

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