File Income Tax Return Online – A Beginners Guide

File Income Tax Return Online - A Beginners Guide
File Income Tax Return Online – A Beginners Guide

Income Tax Return (ITR) can be filed online in a government-issued form used by taxpayers to report their income, costs, deductions, exemptions, taxes paid, etc. The filing of an income tax return is not necessary for people with certain basic limits.

When an individual’s income exceeds the prescribed limit. They are required to submit an income tax return in order to qualify for deductions under sections 80C, 80D, etc. You may lower your taxable income by taking advantage of all the deductions.

Most individuals consider filing income tax returns to be a time-consuming task. Because of this, many people decide not to file their tax returns. But you must always file your income tax returns on time since you are a responsible citizen. This is something that every working Indian must do morally. So, filing an income tax return online can be advantageous for you.

The significance of ITR filing is as follows:

Filing returns is required in some circumstances

It could be a good idea to file income tax return online voluntarily even when your income is too low to make you legally required to do so. In most states, verification is required for registering immovable property, often the latest three years’ worth of tax returns. Since returns are submitted, it is easier to note the transaction. So income Tax return filing can be helpful.

A copy of your return may be required by your loan or credit card provider:

If you want to qualify for a house loan, it is a good idea to maintain a regular record of filing income tax returns because the lender will likely demand it. You may even wish to file your spouse’s tax returns if you want to apply for a loan as a co-borrower.

Similarly to this, credit card providers could need proof of return before providing a card. Financial institutions may also request your Income Tax returns from the preceding few years before doing business with you. The government may impose a requirement on them to do so, indirectly incentivising them to file returns on a frequent basis even when it is not required.

If you want to make a claim for an adjustment for past losses, you must file income tax return online.

There are various advantages to file income tax return online timely, regardless of whether you earn the necessary revenue to do so. Significant losses suffered by an individual or a corporation, such as speculative and non-speculative, short-term and long-term capital losses, and several other forms of losses, cannot be proven for exemption in the following years when determining taxes.

Because you may never be sure when you might need to ask for a reduction for earlier losses, it is important to file returns on a frequent basis.

Making tax filings shows that you’re accountable

People who earn a specific amount of money annually must file a tax return by the time required by the government. The individual is liable for paying the tax as determined. Unpaid taxes will result in penalties from the Income Tax Department. People who earn less than the cut-off point for allowable income might voluntarily file returns.

Filing returns may be beneficial due to revisions to returns

Even if the assessor has a legitimate reason to file a revised return, he is unable to do so without first filing the original return. Even though submitting taxes is a voluntary activity, there are instances in which doing so might have legal repercussions, especially if they subsequently need to file an amended return.


In conclusion, filing your income tax return online is advantageous to both you and the nation. The nation’s infrastructure as well as other services like health care and defence are improved by the government through tax monies. If more individuals register, the government can also spend more money and improve our nation.

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