What is GSTR-3B? Who should file it?

What is it?

The decision to roll out GSTR-3B was a measure undertaken by the government to relax the necessary requirements for a business to file in their returns. GSTR-3B is a consolidated summary return of all the inbound and outbound supplies (sale and purchase) where the taxpayer isn’t required to mention their invoice details.

Considering that the taxpayers aren’t required to disclose the details of an invoice, the whole procedure lacks a method for comparing and matching invoices. But this is curbed by the fact that taxpayers are also required to report on forms GSTR-1, GSTR-2 and GSTR-3 for the corresponding month and through it, the authorities can compare and match the invoice.

Who should file it?

Every single taxpayer is required to file GSTR-3B, except for the following bracket of taxpayers as specified by the government.

  • Input service dealers
  • Compositions dealers
  • Suppliers of Online Information and Database Access or Retrieval services (OIDAR)
  • Non-resident taxable persons

When should they file it?

The GSTR-3B for the particular is supposed to be filed by the 20th of the month that succeeds it. For example, GSTR-3B for the month of February is supposed to be filed by the 20th of March.

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