Celebrating 66th Republic Day

On the occasion of Republic day, Intuit’s Kdk Software organized a small employee engagement activity.

All the employees were asked to follow the tri-color dress code for the occasion. The dress code led to a very colorful and cheery environment at office on Saturday, 24th January.

Along with the dress code, there was a workstation decoration competition which was organized. In the competition, different teams each consisting of 8-10 employees decorated their respective workstation.

The theme for the decoration was “Unity in Diversity”

Check some pictures here:

10929013_761005853977159_5144993576586211990_n 10952587_761005733977171_764466909400098666_n

The competition was judged by our Managing Director, Kapil Goyal. He declared that all teams have taken up unique ideas hence, everyone was declared as winners.


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