Help file for importing Trial Balance directly from Tally

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 Trial Balance direct import from Tally

User can eliminate repetitive work by importing trial balance from Tally directly and can prepare Financial reports like balance sheetprofit and loss, trading account etc.

To import the Trial balance from Tally, please follow the steps provided below:

NOTE: Before proceeding with the process, the important details to keep in mind Tally are

  1. Tally should be open.
  2. Company should be open.
  3. The period for which the data is to be imported should be selected properly. 

Step 1: Open the Income Tax software – Go to Transactions → Balance sheet → Trial Balance option given in the menu bar.

Step 2: Now, Click On Import Trial Balance 

Step 3:  Select Tally Direct option in “Import Selection” menu 

Step 4: Now company name will appear in company name menu which is open in Tally. 
Once clicked on Next Button, the period selected in tally would appear. Click on OK and NEXT.

Step 5:  The below window appears when the data gets imported from Tally to the Software.
Click on Next.

Step 6 : In case there are any Groups which are not tallied, it is required to tally and then complete the process for importing.
Now click on Finish button. This will import the data for selected period from Tally directly to the Trial Balance.

Step 7: You can check the data imported from Tally Directly in the software under Trial Balance head following
Transaction → Balance Sheet → Trial Balance.

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