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Remuneration and Interest to Partner – Section 40(b) using IT

The process to enter disallowed partner’s interest and remuneration as per section 40 in Part OI Point no 8A h. “Amount of interest salary, bonus, commission or remuneration paid to any partner or member” As per section 40(b)(v) any payment of remuneration to any partner who is a working partner, authorized by, and is in

Start New ITR Filing Online for FY 2021-22 (AY 2022-23) | Spectrum

We Craft Awesome Technology Experience Used by Tax Professionals, SMEs and Corporates for Income Tax, TDS, PDF Signer & ROC Compliance and many more!. ( Simplifying your e-filing of income Tax Returns) Why Choose Income Tax Auditor by KDK Ease of Accessibility & Navigation from one ITR Form to another Interoperability from XML, MS Excel

Prerequisites to file 27q

Prerequisites to file 27Q (A non-resident, who does not have PAN, can avoid higher TDS deduction) Relaxation from deduction of tax at higher rate under section 206AA. In the case of a non-resident, not being a company, or a foreign company (hereafter referred to as ‘deductee’) and not having Permanent Account Number, the provisions of section

3CD annexure export / import process from TDS to Income Tax

Table of contents Process to export / import 3CD Annexure from TDS to Income Tax Process to export the data from ZEN TDS software Process to import the 3CD Annexure data in Income Tax software Process to export / import 3CD Annexure from TDS to Income Tax  This process helps the user to export/ import

TDS on Payment to Transporter u/s 194C

Table of contents To prepare the return “TDS on Payment to Transporter u/s 194C”, follow the steps provided below: Step 1: Open the e-TDS software, Go to Challan Entry →Form Wise Challan Entry → Form 26 Q (Non salary) option given in the menu bar. Step 2:  Enter a challan with “0” value. Leave the following fields blank- Step 3: Go to Deductee Entry →

24G e-filing Process

Table of contents 24G e-filing Process through TDS Software Here is what need to be done in order to fill up the 24G form. 24G e-filing Process through TDS Software  The Pay and Accounts Office (PAO)/ District Treasury Office (DTO)/ Cheque Drawing and Disbursing Office (CDDO) (CDDO in case of Central Government only) are required to file Form 24G as per Income-tax Department

Procedure for Mapping Deductee Entry (Non Salary) and ( Salary)

Table of contents ⋅Procedure for Mapping the Deductee /Employee Entries with the Challan.  For quarterly e-filing of TDS return, we are required to prepare Deductor Master and Deductee/Employee Master to prepare the return for form 24Q/26Q/27EQ/27Q as per the case. Against these deductee or Employee we are required to Pay the challan and accordingly we need to map the deductee/employee entries against the challan. After feeding all the challan entries and deductee

Form 15 G/H filing Process

Table of contents 1. What is Form 15G and Form 15H? 2. Conditions you must fulfill to submit Form 15G 3. Conditions you must fulfill to submit Form 15H Process to file form 15 G/H through TDS software 1. What is Form 15G and Form 15H?  If your income is below taxable limit and you

Help file for importing Trial Balance directly from Tally

Table of contents Trial Balance direct import from Tally  Trial Balance direct import from Tally User can eliminate repetitive work by importing trial balance from Tally directly and can prepare Financial reports like balance sheet, profit and loss, trading account etc. To import the Trial balance from Tally, please follow the steps provided below: NOTE: Before proceeding with the process, the important details to keep in mind w.r.to