How to Merge Duplicate Employee/ Deductee record?

Steps to merge double PAN entries in master of salary and non-salary deductee records in TDS Software :  
Step 1: Open the  TDS software , go to  Tools  → Merge Duplicate Employee/Deductee record option given in the menu bar. 

Step 2 : In Merge options, select ” Merge Employee (Salary)” or ” Merge Deductee (Non Salary) ” whichever is required. 

Step 3 : Under Identification option, put check on ” PAN ” for merging duplicate PAN entries and click on the Merge button.

Step 4 : Wait for few seconds. a message will be received as ” process complete ” . Click on OK and restart the software to get the changes come into effect.

Step 5 : Similarly if the validation is for PAN & Name, check on the other option available and click on the merge button.

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