Procedure for Mapping Deductee Entry (Non Salary) and ( Salary)

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 For quarterly e-filing of TDS return, we are required to prepare Deductor Master and Deductee/Employee Master to prepare the return for form 24Q/26Q/27EQ/27Q as per the case.

Against these deductee or Employee we are required to Pay the challan and accordingly we need to map the deductee/employee entries against the challan.

After feeding all the challan entries and deductee /employee entries in the software, if some of the deductee entries are not mapped with the challan then you are required to Map all those deductee entries with the respective challans.

Procedure for Mapping the Deductee /Employee Entries with the Challan.

Step 1:  Go into Deductee Entry →  Deductee Entry Mapping (Non Salary) or Deductee Entry Mapping (Salary

Step 2: All the Deductee entries (Non-salary) which was not mapped with any of the challan will be shown on the screen.

Step 3: To map these entries you are required to Select the entry by selecting the check box or Select all if all entries are required to map against a single challan or you can select entries one by one then Click on Deposit.

Step 4: You are required to fill the Challan details and then click on “save“button.

Step 5: If challan already exist in the statement then Click on Existing Challan button and Select the Challan from the grid and then press “OK” Button.

Step 6: Challan detail (the one selected from the grid) will get filled in the respective field entry and then click on “Save“.

Step 7: Software will give the message “Adjusted Successfully

Note : To Map the Deductee Entry (salary), same procedure is to be followed.

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