3CD annexure export / import process from TDS to Income Tax

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Process to export / import 3CD Annexure from TDS to Income Tax

 This process helps the user to export/ import the 3CD details entered for a particular PAN in TDS Software to the Income Tax Software using an excel template format easily.

Process to export the data from ZEN TDS software

  • Run TDS Software → Go into → Reports→ MIS Reports→  3CD Annexure Report

  • Search the PAN number of the client of whom the data has to be exported. All clients from same PAN will appear on the screen. Click on Next to proceed..
  • Click on TDS Summary (Deductee Details) and then Click on “Download Blank 3CD Template”.
  • Click on Download Blank 3CD Template, the software would prompt with a message to save the template. Save the same on a desired location and proceed.

  • Now to export the data available for the selection, select the template saved at the desired location using Browse button and the click on Export. Once the data is exported successfully, “Data exported Successfully” message would appear.
  • The data for 3CD annexure would get exported in sheet named as TDS _Summary and TDS_Return_Info.

Process to import the 3CD Annexure data in Income Tax software

  • Select the assessee in which the data of 3CD is to be imported with correct assessment year. 

      Go into AuditTax AuditNew 3CD W.E.F 20/08/2018

  • Point no. 34(a) and 34(b) are the two annexures where the data exported from TDS can be imported, the annexures being- TDS_Summary and TDS_retrun_info respectively. Go to question number 34(a) and select the flag as “yes” from the available drop down. Select the Annexure option.

            Click on Excel Import , Select the Excel template and import. Data will get imported in that particular Annexure. “Save” the data and similarly follow the process for point 34(b).

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