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Software not suggesting any itr form in case of Individual

What to do when the Income Tax Software does not suggest any ITR form in the case of an Individual? Income Tax Software has a feature that suggests which ITR has to be submitted depending upon the details entered under specific income heads such as Salary, House Property, Business, Capital gain, etc. Sometimes it happens

Dashboard Feature

The Income Tax Auditor Software has introduced a new feature wherein the client can access his client’s filed, e-verified, reviewed ITR’s etc, all through a single dashboard.There are basically 2 forms of dashboard available. Income Tax Auditor Dashboard. Assessee Dashboard. Dashboard – IT Auditor This dashboard gives a brief note on which assessee details have been started, submitted, verified etc. The notification

How to calculate and generate the Advance Tax Challan

Table of contents FY 2019-20 & FY 2018-19 for both individual and corporate taxpayers To calculate and generate the Advance Tax Challan, please follow the steps provided below: Step 1: Step 2: Step 3: Step 4: Any person having an estimated tax liability of Rs. 10,000 or more in a year is required to pay tax in

Section 112A – Income Tax on Long Term Capital Gain

Table of contents Introduction to Section 112A – Income Tax on Long Term Capital Gain Impact with the amendment in Section 112 A Steps to import the Capital Gain template from software. Introduction to Section 112A – Income Tax on Long Term Capital Gain  Vide Finance Bill 2018, the Government has come up with an

LAN Setting Procedure

Table of contents WHAT IS LAN SETTING AND ITS OBJECTIVE LAN SETTING PROCESS WHAT IS LAN SETTING AND ITS OBJECTIVE  LAN (Local Area Network) setup is developed by connecting two or more than two computers with each other using a physical connection or Wi-Fi in order to share files and data overtime. As specified above, Spectrum

How to export Client Master Data in Excel

Table of contents Process to be followed:  The feature allows the user to export all the details related to their existing client in an excel sheet. Process to be followed: Step 1 : In Income Income Tax Software – Go to Reports → MIS → MIS option given in the menu bar. Step 2 : Click on the option Assessee Register given in left panel of the

Presumptive Income – Software suggesting ITR-3 instead of ITR 4

Table of contents Solution : Step 1: Step 2:  Important Notes in case of Presumptive Income (44AD / 44AE / 44ADA) who cannot file ITR-4 Income from more than one house property; or Income from winning of lottery or income from Race horses; or Income taxable under section 115BBDA; or Income of the nature referred to in section 115BBE; or Income

Online Challan Addition Process in TDS Correction

The new rule as introduced by the Income Tax Department discontinues the use of “Challan Modify” or “Add New Challan Details” option in correction return filing. This option was previously used to add new challan or transfer voucher in correction statements. The primary reason for the discontinuation of the “Challan modify” or “add new challan” in

26AS import Process (Online)

Table of contents Process to Import 26AS directly to IT Software.  This feature allows the user to import Advance Tax, TDS / TCS detail and 15G/H details directly from the Income Tax Website.  Process to Import 26AS directly to IT Software. Step 1 : To import the 26AS Tax Details. Open the Income Tax software, go to Transactions → Tax Details option given in menu bar. Step 2: Click