Is Filing GSTR-9 / 9C a Nightmare?

Manage and file GSTR – 9 / 9C returns of your clients quickly with Express GST

On-call Express Tax Assistant which helps you with your GSTR-9/9C queries in real-time

Top Reasons For Express GST To Be CA’s First Choice

Quick Sync to get access to your Client’s Accounting Data with no hassle

  1. GSTR-9 Filing gets 10X Faster and Better
    Just a Few Clicks to File GSTR-9, Auto-Download of GSTR-1, 2A and 3B data from GSTN Portal
  2. No Manual Calculation and Data Entry
    Auto-calculation & Auto-Population of field values including: Table 9, Table 10 & Table 11, Table 15 E & F and Table 17
  3. One Time OTP Registration
    Eliminating the requirement of entering OTP multiple times leading to zero dependencies on clients for seeking OTP
  4. Single View Comparison with Accounting data
    Tired of doing In & Out from several tables to the dashboard? Now get all the lengthy 18 tables summarized into one-page form enabling easy comparison with accounting data
  5. No Revision Allowed in GSTR 9! Well, Now File it Error-Free
    Inbuilt validations to keep a check on erroneous inputs. View Error Log & Compare Tally and GSTN data to reduce the risk of any mismatch inputs
  6. Data Merging of all POB
    In case more than one POB’s are available in tally then the data of all POB’s gets automatically merged
  7. Return Filing Status
    Get all the monthly/quarterly returns filing status handy on the compliance page

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