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Unlisted equity share details- Where to enter as per the new changes?

The new income tax return forms (All ITR’s except ITR 1 ,4 and 6) for the assessment year 2019-20 come with a set of changes where more detailed disclosures have been asked by the taxpayer. If you have held unlisted equity shares during the previous year then you have to report the same in the Income tax return .   As

26QB Filing Procedure

Table of contents What is Form 26QB? To make the payment of Challan 26QB from TDS Software these steps are to be followed. There is three step process: What is Form 26QB?   TDS applies to the sale of immovable property, where the cost of sale is equal to or greater than Rs. 50,00,000 .On this transaction tax at 1% shall

Password Protection for the software

Password Protection for the software  The software provides facility to set password for secure login in Spectrum application. This would help any unauthorized person in accessing the software and its data. Software also has a feature of Individual Module login system along with particular Assessee lock. Below process should be followed separately for Spectrum / Taxsuit, Individual Module in

Process to File 10BB using ZEN IT Auditor

Table of contents What is form 10BB? How to file Form 10BB using ZEN IT Auditor? What is form 10BB?  Form 10BB is an audit report under section 10(23C) of the Income-Tax Act, 1961, in the case of any fund or trust or institution or any university or other educational institution or any hospital or other

3CD annexure export / import process from TDS to Income Tax

Table of contents Process to export / import 3CD Annexure from TDS to Income Tax Process to export the data from ZEN TDS software Process to import the 3CD Annexure data in Income Tax software Process to export / import 3CD Annexure from TDS to Income Tax  This process helps the user to export/ import

TDS on Payment to Transporter u/s 194C

Table of contents To prepare the return “TDS on Payment to Transporter u/s 194C”, follow the steps provided below: Step 1: Open the e-TDS software, Go to Challan Entry →Form Wise Challan Entry → Form 26 Q (Non salary) option given in the menu bar. Step 2:  Enter a challan with “0” value. Leave the following fields blank- Step 3: Go to Deductee Entry →

24G e-filing Process

Table of contents 24G e-filing Process through TDS Software Here is what need to be done in order to fill up the 24G form. 24G e-filing Process through TDS Software  The Pay and Accounts Office (PAO)/ District Treasury Office (DTO)/ Cheque Drawing and Disbursing Office (CDDO) (CDDO in case of Central Government only) are required to file Form 24G as per Income-tax Department

Procedure for Mapping Deductee Entry (Non Salary) and ( Salary)

Table of contents ⋅Procedure for Mapping the Deductee /Employee Entries with the Challan.  For quarterly e-filing of TDS return, we are required to prepare Deductor Master and Deductee/Employee Master to prepare the return for form 24Q/26Q/27EQ/27Q as per the case. Against these deductee or Employee we are required to Pay the challan and accordingly we need to map the deductee/employee entries against the challan. After feeding all the challan entries and deductee